Bill Choby

Biography of Dr. Bill Choby.

Dr. Bill Choby has had a long and storied career in both the public and private arenas. A 1976 graduate from the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Dental Medicine, his primary profession is engaging in the practice of dentistry. Although Dr Choby practices comprehensive dentistry in Latrobe, PA, he also provides independent medical evaluations and expert opinions on the quality of dental care provided by other dentists. His expertise has been sought in over 250 times in resolving disputes in malpractice cases, workmen’s compensation reviews, and quality control issues.

In addition to his active career in dentistry, Dr. Choby holds a Masters in Public Administration from Virginia Tech with emphasis on health care issues. Dr. Choby has participated in the political realm with his multiple candidacies for the U.S. Congress against the former Congressman Murtha. Dr. Choby has leadership experience with the non-profit sector as the founder of the Cornerstone Leadership Foundation in Johnstown and was one of the original organizers of the state wide Hunters’ Sharing the Harvest venison donation program. A committed Christian for over 30 years, he has twice served as the President trustee for the Covenant Presbyterian Church EPC in Ligonier.

Bill is an active outdoorsman engaging in mounted fox hunting, sport fishing, and hunting for big and small game. He is also an avid amateur American historian. His broad experiences in academia, public and private life qualified him to speak before numerous TEA parties and other public issue discussions with his regular contributions found in local newspaper editorial pages, youtube and the internet. His book; “Liberty in America, Past, Present and Future” summarizes the historical evolution of personal freedom and describes how the expanding administrative state threatens the future of our uniquely America, constitutional republic.

Since Bill’s physical appearance at 6’3″ 225 lbs is very similar to that of George Washington, he frequently portrays our nation’s founding father, having performed before thousands of people both young and old. Bill was also the standing model for John Buxton’s 250th commemorative painting of Washington crossing the Allegheny River in December of 1753.

Bill’s uniform was custom made from an actual portrait of George Washington painted by Charles Wilson Peale in 1772. The outfit was made with great detail using authentic period cloth including the 77 silver buttons on his coat. Bill added his own hunting boots which he uses while fox hunting on horseback just like George would have done. So today, I present to you as our speaker, Dr. Bill Choby, who is well qualified to present to us a glimpse into the military life of Colonel George Washington in Western Pennsylvania.