We have been requested to “bring our tour inside” for those who are not in a position
to attend on site tours. ALT is glad to do so and has introduced our Speakers Series.
Our talks are on the subjects mentioned in our brochure plus additional topics are
offered as well. These faith based presentations are just as interesting and interactive
as the outdoor tours. We will also be holding dinner speaking engagements in your
area that we will keep you informed of. If residents would want a dinner presentation
with their family present, arrangements could be made to do so.

ALT Presenter:

Carris Kocher, ALT certified tour guide and longtime historian

*Guest Presenters:

Bill Troppman, Local Americana Historian, Valley Forge Park Ranger

Dr. Nancy Loane, A former seasonal park ranger at Valley Forge National Historical

Park, is a recognized authority on Valley Forge and the women at the 1777-78 Valley

Forge encampment.

David Bradford, 13th generation direct descendant of William Bradford


Approximately 1 hour with time for Q&A included


*$150…guest presenters could be slightly higher. Dinner presentations price will be figured as per engagement.

Contact information: or 484-557-7655.