Carris is one of those people that cannot contain her delight when sharing a new found connection or fact of history that points to the sovereignty of God (nor do you want her to). Her love for history pores out of her with such enthusiasm – it is contagious! Caution: Those morsels of little-known facts that bring history alive will make you hungry for more! This is an adventure you don’t want to miss.

Dennis Goldsborough
Delaware County, Pennsylvania

When Carris Kocher told me she was interested in getting into the touring business with an historical theme, I got excited. I know this is a good match because of her in-depth study and great love for American history, not to mention her home schooling all her children to keep it always fresh in her mind. I’ve witnessed her in action for over 30 years. Her children are history buffs as well. She has a knack for bringing history alive and making it enjoyable.

In my early career, most generally by request from previously served groups, I drove Trailways and Greyhound chartered tour buses all over the country with large groups of people for 7 years. I later owned my own small tour bus company for about 13 years as an avocation because I loved it. I have seen the best in tour guides all over the country, and I know Carris will be awesome in this role.

With Carris’ people skills, speaking ability, and enthusiasm for history – not to mention her musical talents – she will provide a memorable experience for anyone who has the privilege of touring with her. To hear her play “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” on a piano will send chills down your back if you have any patriotism at all. I believe this is a match made in heaven. To have hope for the future, we need to look at our past. I am excited about this venture and will be watching with great expectation to see it unfold.

Paige Ellis
Charleston, West Virginia

The leading Founders of our nation had an unparalled understanding of history, the nature of man, the tendency of government to control, and most importantly a practical love and fear of God.
As our national foundations are being undermined, there’s no more appropriate place to begin rebuilding and re-acquainting 21st century Americans with our Godly heritage than in Philadelphia – the birthplace of civil freedom. There’s no more reliable and dedicated person to teach the truth about the vital role Christian leaders played in our nation than Carris Kocher in this Liberty

Sam Rohrer
The American Pastors Network, President