Introducing Philadelphia – Fast-Paced Overview of Old City

This fast-paced, half-day walking tour in Historic Philadelphia packs a lot into just a few blocks. Across from historic City Tavern on 2nd Street (right beside a convenient parking garage!) we begin at Welcome Park with the story of William Penn. Around the corner and one block to the west, we pass by the house of Bishop White, the highly regarded minister of Christ Church and Chaplain of Congress, and the Todd House where the widowed Dolley Todd was introduced to James Madison.

Just across the street is Carpenters’ Hall where the First Continental Congress met, and a little beyond is Independence Hall, Congress Hall, and Old City Hall, home of the first US Supreme Court. A brief stop in the Curtis Building is a must to see the beautiful artwork. Passing by Washington Square we come to the Pennsylvania Bible Society, the oldest Bible Society in the United States, founded in 1808. Bishop White was its first president, and Benjamin Rush one of its founders.

Commissioned to celebrate the 50th anniversary of William Penn’s 1701 Charter of Liberties, the Liberty Bell has come to be a powerful symbol in our Legacy of Liberty and Faith. Nearby is the Bourse, a good place for a quick bite to eat after the tour, and on to Franklin Court and Christ Church.

We will wrap up near the historic marker where the first English Bible was printed in America by Robert Aitken (and with Congressional approval!) at The Franklin Fountain, a delightful retro soda fountain – with absolutely the best ice cream ever – just a half block east of Christ Church on Market Street. You might just decide to have dessert before lunch!