Daniel Boone and Conrad Weiser

Daniel Boone and Conrad Weiser Homesteads

Daniel Boone (1734-1820) and Conrad Weiser (1696-1760) are two of the most renowned and influential frontiersmen in colonial American history. As a child Weiser immigrated to New York with his father; in 1723 he traveled south and settled near Reading, Pennsylvania. Daniel Boone was born in 1734 at the Boone family homestead, less than 30 miles from the Weiser homestead, but the Boone family moved to North Carolina when Daniel was 15 years old. It is not known if these two courageous and adventurous men ever met, but both played a significant part in the settlement of the frontier and in negotiations with the Indians. The contributions of Weiser and Boone were crucial in the unfolding story of the west.

Join us and learn more about the persecutions that drove the Weiser family and other Christians from Germany. Hear what Daniel Boone said in his autobiography about God’s hand directing his life to open a way for others to follow. Learn about the contributions of Conrad Weiser’s descendants in our Legacy of Liberty and Faith. His daughter Anna Maria married Henry Muhlenberg, the first Lutheran minister in America, and his grandsons Peter and Frederick Muhlenberg, played major roles in the American Revolutionary War.